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Enershield Air Barriers
How An Air Barrier Works
Enershield Air Barriers create an effective seal on the doorway by re-circulating the facility air in a laminar (smooth) flow across an open doorway. The kinetic energy in the moving air generates a barrier, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressure and climate. The more laminar this air flow, the harder it is for outside air to penetrate the barrier. 

Air Flow
The design re-circulates facility air in a smooth laminar/uniform flow, creating up to a 90% seal on the doorway 

Winter Cold 

Summer Heat

Bad Odors
Exhaust Gas
Warm Air
Keeps heated air inside during the winter

Cool Air
Keeps cooled air inside during the summer

Open doors account for a considerable amount of the energy loss in a building. A correctly installed Air Barrier can seal off an open doorway, and reduce the heat loss through the door as much as 90%, translating into substantial energy savings, as well as a more comfortable environment for both employees and customers – when employees are more comfortable, they tend to work harder, which results in increased productivity. When customers are more comfortable, they tend to stay longer and spend more, resulting in increased profit! 

Air Barriers are also beneficial in certain manufacturing and packaging processes where a contaminant  free atmosphere and/or temperature are critical.
Savings and Comfort
For retail doorway up to 8' high
Direct Drive Motors (110V) - Cabinet (9 3/8"H x 8 3/4"W) 

Microshield (MCS) Air Barriers are ideal for most foot traffic doorways up to 8`high. They are aesthetic, efficient and extremely quite during operation. They are equipped with a high and low speed setting and can also be manufactured with an optional keyed switch and automatic activation package so they would only operate in conjunction with the door operation. Microshield Air Barriers are ideal for areas with low head room above the doorway. Microshields are 110V, include a 6`long plug and come with mounting brackets to allow for easy installation. This light weight efficient Air Barrier is available in 3 colors; Off White, Brushed Aluminum & Black. Applications include retail doorways, employee entrances and exits, patio doors, foot traffic receiving doors, food preparation and refrigerated areas. Ask about energy incentives for your area.

Air Barriers featured by K Sales:
Thermalshield - Heated Technology
For drive-thru or retail doorway up to 6' high
Direct Drive (220V) - Cabinet (7"H x 10 1/4"W)

The Thermalshield is an electrically heated Air Barrier ideal for areas with inadequate heat and issues with outside air infiltration. The Thermalshield can help to seal an opening while circulating heat to a troubling area for additional comfort. This Air Barrier can help to supply heat to areas by a doorway or opening in the colder climates and can operate without the heat in the warmer weather providing you with an efficient seal year round. The Thermalshield is ideal for drive-thru windows, restaurants, retail facilities, office or residential buildings, etc. Adding heat may not always be the answer but in situations that require additional heat, the Thermalshield will provide you with the solution you are looking for. Its sleek and aesthetic design fits into any surrounding and its light weight allows for easy installation with minimal structural requirements. The Thermalshield is the hottest Air Bamer on the market!